Hope you've had a fantastic and relaxing winter break. 

Some great updates I have to share with you on what's been going on:

1.) Cat Tsunami

So as of now, I've still been contributing music and sound for Cat Tsunami, along with Midnight Terrors, which are aiming to be released later this year. More zones being added in Midnight Terrors and Cat Tsunami is being finalized and looked into. Both games will be published by Thumbspire.

Cat Tsunami, also...is out! In the Philippines, at least.

Click on the image above to see Cat Tsunami's current Google Play page. It's only available in Bangladesh and the Philippines for now, but with the progress it has been having, an American release is imminent. :)

2.) PAX East panel - MassDiGI

Very happy to announce that I will be speaking at PAX East, along with 4 other of my colleagues I worked with at the MassDiGI Summer Innovation Program, where we will talk to you about making 4 videogames (including the two mentioned above) and what the process was like, working in a studio-like environment over the summer as an internship.

Here's the official information, the panel scheduled to be on March 7th at 1pm (location TBD).

Games: The Final Frontier (Title TBD)

These are the tales of five college students.
Their continuing mission: to explore strange new titles, to seek out new
genres and new platforms, to boldly go where no one has gone before. In this
episode, the young developers are challenged to learn the black art of
making a game over eleven weeks at MassDiGI's Summer Innovation Program.
Hear them tell the story of how they met their goals and, in the process,
overcame giant bugs, terrifying teamwork, wicked technical problems,
diabolical daily builds, stale pizza and zombies.