Had the absolute pleasure of composing music for this year's MassDiGI Game Challenge.

I composed a theme melody for the event, heard before the initial keynote and after the announcement of the winners of the Challenge.

I also composed a fanfare that was heard before the finalists and winners were announced, giving challengers and spectators some excitement to see who would be given prizes at the event.

Overall, i spoke with and met an amazing collage of different people, including many of the friends I made at the 2014 Summer Innovation Program.

Here's a link to show you the winners of this year's challenge. I also personally recommend checking out these games to check out. All of them are great choices, and I am just choosing to list my personal favorites from the Challenge:


Overall, an amazing time as I got to spend time with friends, going to Hmart later with some SIP alums. Events like these always motivate me and remind me why I do what I do. Thank you to all at MassDiGI and to all of you who I'm able to talk to and learn something new from. You inspire me more than you know.