PENGUEMIC: Word Domination, developed by LearnDistrict, is now officially greenlit by Steam. This game was a Kickstarter success from a company headed by Laila Shabir, CEO of Girls Make Games. PENGUEMIC is also the first game outside of a game jam I was able to contribute sound design to (music is composed by Joseph Carrillo). Looking forward to seeing where things go for the game!

Here's the Kickstarter trailer for the game:

Let no species stand before the might of the Penguin Empire! Welcome to the world of PENGUEMIC – an arcade-style genre-busting hybrid game that lets you take control of penguin armies and claim dominion over the animal kingdom and beyond. Combining real-time monster combat, base defense, and tactical spell casting, Penguemic is unlike anything you’ve seen before. Representing 100 words frequently appearing on the SAT*, GRE®**, GMAT®*** tests as powerful monsters, destructive spells, and stalwart allies, Penguemic is an addictive, high-octane experience that will revolutionize the way students study. Take up arms with your flightless brethren and sharpen your mind – the world is yours!