Oleg Brodskiy, Maxine Rock, and myself have recently formed First-Person Student, a podcast that discusses game development for a target audience of aspiring indies who want to learn about the different aspects that go into creating a game. It's a fantastic experience with the both of them because as a person with an audio background, I can learn from two other colleagues who are greatly enthusiastic about games and who have their own unique backgrounds. I've had a ton of fun with them already.
It's a new process, and I need to thank Ken Gagne of Gamebits for assisting with giving feedback on how to upload a podcast in the first place :)

If you take a listen, give us any feedback! It'd be incredibly appreciated. I hope you get a great experience out of the podcast as well. I personally co-host with the three of them and also do the audio editing and the little piece of music for the intro and outro.

Here's the first episode, recorded in April and uploaded just today: