I am very happy to announce that I have accepted a contract position to work as an audio QA tester at Harmonix

I'll be helping the audio team with the solo features for Rock Band 4.

One good example of the solo feature is seen in this TechCrunch video below: 

This opportunity is amazing because I have loved rhythm games since first discovering Flash Flash Revolution online, leading me to be obsessed with Dance Dance Revolution, and then games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Rock Band 4 will have incredible solo features in its different instrument parts, and I'll be really happy digging deep on contributing to a music game releasing very soon. If they need me to test out the guitars by smashing them like an ultra enthusiastic player would, hey, I'll do that, too. :) 


Some of Harmonix's games/franchises include:

Dance Central 

A City Sleeps

Fantasia: Music Evolved