The Boston Festival of Indie Games is an annual festival that takes place at MIT in Cambridge where developers have a chance to show off their fantastic games to the public. This festival has been growing each and every year, allowing people to just take a Saturday off and enjoy some new and upcoming games that are hitting the market relatively soon.

This year was fantastic in that the main focus was, of course, the games. There have been sponsor and developer talks in the past, and while they added to the amount of content that can be shown at a festival, BFIG took a chance at bringing the talks to a separate event (this will be called "FIG Talks" and will occur in January 2016) to allow developers and their games to have the spotlight. And I have to say, it made the festival more organized, more focused, and just more fun in general.

Addie Anderson of Berklee's Video Game Music Club rocks a super photogenic smile greeting attendees!

Addie Anderson of Berklee's Video Game Music Club rocks a super photogenic smile greeting attendees!

For this festival I had the pleasure of volunteering to take pictures! Not only does it mean coming to this awesome festival for free, but it was a great chance to just go around and see what the local Boston devs are up to.

A ton of people who I've worked with in the past are now making their own games, tabletop and/or digital.

Pat Rowan, who I worked with on Many Mini Things, is now the recent founder of Starcap Games, a tabletop and digital developer that recently released "Now Everyone Get The F*** Out!". It's basically the experience of needing to study in college, but that party lifestyle is just tempting you badly, all put in game form. :)

The folks of the Woo Game Pile from Worester, MA, got together to show off games made by Worcester locals. Ali Swei of 80HD Games and Cian Rice of Harmonix are seen here showing off Bumbardia, Wobbles, and a couple others I didn't use enough time to check out!

Also bumped into Jenna Hoffstein of Little Worlds Interactive who took a break from showing The Counting Kingdom to just chill and check out some games.

The folks of MassDiGI from the most recent Summer Innovation Program were showing off their new games as well! My ability to catch people when they blink is quite highlighted as well.

Petricore Inc. showed up as well, a new game company filled with fantastic MassDiGI alumni, showing off Mind the Arrow and the upcoming Gelato Flicker. I might have startled Aaron with the sudden camera.

Rick Cody, the business card blinger here who I do audio QA with at Harmonix, showed off his awesome side project, Black Hat Cooperative, a co-op multiplayer game for Oculus Rift.

There were tons and TONS of other games shown at this festival, but I would be spamming this blog post with pictures, and I still haven't quite figured out how to properly place pictures with Squarespace without having them at max width on blog posts. I'll figure it out if there's a better way!

Either way, it's incredible that Boston has its own festival for devs to show off their new projects and for people to take a weekend off to just play some games. Hopefully I can check out the upcoming FIG Talks and take some pictures there as well.