I'm very happy to announce that I'll be joined IGDA Boston Post Mortem's Board of Directors as an official board member. My official role hasn't been fully fleshed out yet, but I've been very fortunate to document the meetup's recent events for local gamers and am blessed to continue contributing to this group. 

This meetup means a lot to me, as it's the very first networking event I've ever attended, as recommended by my Berklee mentor Michael Sweet (who would eventually join a panel about careers in games that took place here). I still consider myself shy to this day, but I am always amazed at how incredibly nice the games community is here, and I'm blessed to see this event grow and evolve to what it is now. More developers and students have been getting great chances to just grab a drink, eat some delicious food , and make business connections and even new friendships. 

I hope to contribute more to the event as the only director with a background in audio and to continue documenting the events, as the presentations have some of the best educational material I've learned. 

You can keep updated with Boston Post Mortem here, and also on Facebook and Twitter