One of the cutest attendees of the Game Dev BBQ. 

One of the cutest attendees of the Game Dev BBQ. 


Hey all,

Thank you for continuing to keep updated with my website.

Frankly, there's not too much to update! But I am very thrilled to be keeping busy and treating myself with time to relax in the small moments available. 

Harmonix - Work with the studio is still going incredibly well. I continue to work hard with the Audio QA team on DLC content for Rock Band 4. Here's an awesome track we recently got to do, including the drum chart I was able to QA. No shame in loving some 80s glam metal: 

Boston Post Mortem - I'm blessed to work as a board member of Boston Post Mortem (IGDA's Boston Chapter). We even got to host a Game Dev BBQ for Boston, which turned out incredibly well. Here's a wonderful blog post written by one of the fantastic volunteers. :) 

VGMO - You can continue hearing my podcast jingle and audio editing through Video Game Music Online's podcast episodes. 

Freelance - I'm working on content right now with composition/sound design that I'm eager to talk more about, but I unfortunately can't! Here's where the updates mostly come in, but it's content that will have to be kept secret until later :) 

There will be more content coming out as I continue my freelance and full-time work. At the same time, this Labor Day weekend, I caught up with family, found times to run outside more often, and made some time to catch up on pop culture and watch Stranger Things. I'm blessed with life at the moment and have no complaints at all. You can always follow me on Twitter for a more thorough update on what I'm doing, whether work or just relax time. If you're hard at work in projects as well, I hope you take time to appreciate what you're accomplishing so far and I hope you make time to relax and spend time with anyone you need to. 

You are all amazing. Thank you and I'll make sure you hear from me more soon.