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Thanks for checking out my blog!

So consider this a test post, I suppose, but in this blog, here are the different types of posts you might see:

1.) Event updates and announcements.

2.) Tutorials on composition and sound design.

3.) Outside articles related to the film industry and the video game industry, including any that relate to composing and editing audio that may help!

4.) Reviews of movies/games and their respective scores and soundtracks.

These posts will come with some personal bias to them, so bear in mind any opinions I may share. But they are overall an effort to not only share what I'm up to, but to share knowledge that I hope can help you learn aspects about making music, creating sound effects, and anything else in the world of audio post-production. It will be my opportunity to sit down and share the information I've been learning on my career adventures with you.

If you have comments on any of my posts, please comment and share your thoughts! Or contact me as well. This posts are for you to check out and I hope to share the awesome information I discover with all of you. Let me know what you think!

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